A renovation for the ages.

The John Pritzlaff Hardware Company

Founded by John C. Pritzlaff in 1850, soon became the largest hardware company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and eventually became one of the largest wholesale hardware companies and iron supply houses in the American Northwest.  It was widely known for selling hardware, sewing machines, and toys through mail order catalogs to wholesale accounts throughout the United States.  His catalog business pre-dates even Sears Roebuck!

After Pritzlaff died, his son, Fred C. Pritzlaff took over until his death in 1951, and when Fred died, his son took over the firm until the company closed in 1958.

Today, the entirety of the John Pritzlaff hardware Company and it’s seven building complex, has been renovated and converted into rental space for large events and the high end apartments that you’re now considering.

The Pritzlaff is Milwaukee history.

There are many historic buildings in Milwaukee, but perhaps none more closely embody all of what the City has become known for… cream city brick and open timber beams.  And you get the opportunity to live here! From our wide hallways, great communal spaces and proximity to just about everywhere, you’ll love living here.


Cream City Brick.

Cream City brick is a cream or light yellow-colored brick made from a clay actually found around Milwauee in the Menomonee River Valley and on the western banks of Lake Michigan. These bricks were one of the most common building materials used in Milwaukee during the mid and late 19th century, giving the city the nickname “Cream City” and the bricks the name “Cream City bricks”.

Fred’s ghost.

Fred Pritzlaff, the son of founder John Pritzlaff, took over the Hardware Business in 1951 and worked long days and nights to continue his father’s legacy.  It was a trying time, as the world shifted how it bought and sold goods and hardware.  Fred was desperately figuring out how to expand the business, but died late one night in his office — some say, from sheer hard work. 

If you hear faint sounds of work machinery or see small unexpected improvements to your apartment, don’t be surprised if it isn’t Fred, continually tinkering to make the Pritzlaff a little better everyday!

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